PHP setting up the website using the new server interfaces

Now that I have the software all loaded I need to start to configure the Apache servers.

PHP Here we go again!

I somehow missed the major announcement with the new 5250 bridge available in the new Zend Platform! Not that I was looking at PHP at the moment, but seeing that it can be used very […]

SugarCRM upgrade to 5.0.0a

We decided to take the plunge and upgrade to SugarCRM 5.0.0a on our internal test and production server. We ran SugarCRM 4.5.1g on a Gentoo Linux box which kept having problems while an install on […]

LAMP Server on hold for a while

As usual we are very busy trying to get everything closed up ready for the Christmas break. This has meant some of our work on non revenue generating projects has to take a back seat! […]

Adding PHP to the mix

Now we have a fully functioning webserver which is serving two sites from the same IP address and using Name Based Virtual Hosting, we need to add the ability for those sites to interact with […]

MySQL Library Path Environment variable required in QP2TERM

While looking up a question from the blog we noticed that the QP2TERM access to the MySQL server did not work, it came up with an object missing ‘’. We thought we had set up […]

New request for RAP/400 is underway

One of the problems a lot of people have complained about with the RAP product is the need to split the Object and Database objects into 2 separate Journal Environments. This requirement was placed upon […]

New i515 is due this week

I have not heard anything to the contrary so I am hoping to get the new i515 later this week.  Once I have the system I will post the setup as I go along.  I […]