Setting up SSH Access to IBM i

This is mainly for my reference as I do this operation so few times I can hardly ever remember how to do it. Linux set up is by far a lot easier as most of […]

NGINX install

There is a recent post from Jesse Grozinski A-Tale-of-Two-Web-Servers which gives some information about the addition of NGINX to the IBM i suite of HTTP Servers. We feel that the post needed a little more detail for those […]

Installing git and getting our first Open Source Software

In the previous post I discussed the fact that we have two Open Source camps on the IBM i, I believe the easiest start into the community for many is going to be via the […]

Netbeans remote support working!

As promised, I have now managed to get the initial build of a C program on the IBM i using the remote build support provided by NetBeans. See my previous posting to see how I […]

PASE to the rescue..

I was working with a client over the Holidays looking at an issue where our save processes for the IFS kept failing to get a lock on a couple of IFS objects. The problem meant […]

Adding the correct Path variables to .profile for Node.js

The PASE implementation on IBM i is not the easiest to work with! I just posted about the setting of the environment to allow the Node.js package manager and Node.js to run from any directory […]