Fully Free Format RPG !

The intERPrise Open Source project had taken the decision to implement ‘Fully Free Format’ RPG to ensure that the code we are shipping is the latest and greatest code we can develop. However due to […]

intERPrise Sample RDi to iProject(RDi) setup

While the development environment is a personal choice and we do not force any specific IDE on the contributors we are still building the layouts for the code which will meet the requirements of GitHub. […]

Time for the Community to take action

We are working on the intERPrise Open Source project and need the IBM i community to stand up and be counted! For us to deliver this project we need to make sure that we develop […]

HA4i gains new features using Let’s ‘C’ technology

We have previously posted about how to connect to a remote web server from your IBM i using both secure and non-secure sockets as part of a series of open source snippets (Let’s ‘C’) we […]

Let’s ‘C’

I have been programming ‘C’ on the IBM i for many years in total deference to RPG. I have had to delve into RPG a couple of times to help out at a couple of […]

Who would have thought! I am starting to use RPG!

I have always said that I did not need to learn or use ‘RPG’ on the IBM i as I always found that ‘C’ could do all that I needed. Recently I was asked by […]

Bob Cancilla's off the mark!

I thought Bob Cancilla was actually changing his position on the need to pull away from the IBM i, but it looks like he has had yet another episode! You can find a copy of […]

Re-test of the new XMLSERVICE after optimizing the RPG programs.

[adrotate group=”9″] The discussion about the new XMLSERVICE performance on the iSeriesNetwork forums pointed us to a possible improvement for the XMLSERVICE which is not shipped as standard. The poster suggested that we change the […]

New XMLService is not what I expected.

[adrotate group=”9″] As posted in the previous post I was setting up the Zend Server on our V6R1 system to give the new XMLSERVICE a try to see if the program calls would be faster […]

Installing PHP again to try the XMLSERVICE toolkit

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] There is a lot of discussion around the new IBM/Zend toolkit which is meant to replace the EasyCom toolkit currently shipped with the Zend product so I thought I would give it a […]