PHP Here we go again!

I somehow missed the major announcement with the new 5250 bridge available in the new Zend Platform! Not that I was looking at PHP at the moment, but seeing that it can be used very […]

Systemi Portal dragging our website to a crawl!

I was noticing a big slowdown when trying to connect to our websites the last couple of days, I thought it was due to either my iSP or the link provider we have. After some […]

Microsoft updates have just killed my Internet Explorer

Microsoft has done it yet again! I installed the latest fixes and now Internet explorer has stopped working altogether! It wasnt working correctly after the last set of updates and would hang constantly but now […]

I HATE (Yes I meant it to be capitalized) the new name i !

I just finished off a post about the future of HA in 2008 and decided to replace all of the iSeries mentions with ‘i’. The results look like I forgot how to spell correctly, you […]

QGYOLMSG API C code sample

I was trying to help debug an RPG program where the developer wanted to use the QGYOLMSG API to extract messages sent to the QSYSOPR message queue when I became embroiled in my own problems […]

Declaring a LONG LONG Value in ILEC

I had been having problems with the declaration of LONG LONG values for testing in some recent code. The problem was compounded by the SEU/RSE interfaces not providing the same results. The following code will […]

Hacking attempts

I have been watching the logs for the webserver and see attempts from the following IP addresses to get into the site using scripts over the past 2 days. They all originate […]