Can you truely recover.

There are some companies out there that seem to think that just because they have implemented a HA solution everything is OK, if they have a failure they can simply switch to the remote system […]

Validate Email Address in C

We have been looking for ways to validate the email address (just make sure its correctly formed) and didn’t want to use the REGEXEC function so we thought we would try to find a method […]

IE 7 is screwed up when using tabs.

I have a policy of making sure my MS software is always at the latest level, I don’t need to get caught out with down level software. Recently I started to notice a problem every […]

WordPress upgraded to 2.3.2

We noticed a new version of WordPress was available which fixed anumber of security problems which we have now installed. Sorry if you could not gain access while the process was underway! Chris…

Adding PHP to the mix

Now we have a fully functioning webserver which is serving two sites from the same IP address and using Name Based Virtual Hosting, we need to add the ability for those sites to interact with […]

Hardware HA solutions

I like to keep up to speed with whats happening in the HA industry so when IBM published its latest magazine (October 2007) I noticed with interest that they were concentrating on HA. One of […]

The wonderful world of the internet

I have recently found a site  I was surprised to find the site as it had not been around when I had checked previously.  However when I researched the CIRA registry I find out […]

Creating a Qulified name from a standard Name and Library field

One of the things I do a lot of is run commands through the command processor after running API’s to get the information that I need. The API’s Gernally return the Object Name and Object […]