No further on the LAMPS set up

I had hope to get the MySQL set up done and documented today but unfortunately I have been busy preparing for some other work related to the RAP product which required quite a bit of […]

Slight change to previous code

I was playing around with the code a bit because the detail on the output seemed to be missing some data! I have to admit I was rushing the code as it didnt have to […]

Displaying Data Queue Information

I am currently developing some code which requires the use use of DDM Data Queues, I was having problems because the data was not flowing between the Data Queues and I needed to see what […]

Maybe Skype isnt out of the woods just yet?

My earlier post suggested that a fix for the connection problems for Skype was to download the lastest version and install!  Well it seems that was just a lucky occurrence as the connection dropped and […]

Formatting of Program Code

I have just installed a new plugin which allows source code formatting. This will help with the source display, unfortunately it does not support RPG, Ah well! perhaps we can write a plugin which does! […]