Upgrading to Windows7

We have finally taken the plunge and moved most of our PC’s to the Windows7 operating system. Some of the systems were previously running Vista Business 64bit so moving to Windows7 64bit Ultimate was fairly […]

Vista Business Connected to IBM 'i' NetServer

After many months of trying to connect to the Netservers and giving up in frustration I have finally managed to work out what to do. For those others who have the same issues here is […]

First trial with Look Software sucessful!

We have recently teamed up with LookSoftware to use their products for Application Modernization, something which I am sure is going to be a key activity for the IBM ‘i’ community in the coming months/years. […]

IBM Does not support WSDC on Vista

I have a number of problems with the WSDC which require IBM’s assistance to resolve. None of them are critical (or at least they don’t appear to be?) but do need to be resolved at […]