Installing PHP again to try the XMLSERVICE toolkit

[adrotate group=”3,7,8″] There is a lot of discussion around the new IBM/Zend toolkit which is meant to replace the EasyCom toolkit currently shipped with the Zend product so I thought I would give it a […]

PHP ZendFramework 1.9.2

We have started down the path of developing the What’s On website using the ZendFramework. The main reason for this is to understand the strengths of the framework as opposed to standard PHP development. The […]

Has IBM lost control of its CCSID's?

Having just spent a whole day trying to get to the bottom of a problem with the PHP/HTTP servers on my system I decided to look at just how certain activities action the CCSID of […]

Virtual Hosts and PHP now working

The installation of the test beds for PHP development are now in place and tested. I did have some issues with the pages again but reading back through the Blog entries has helped me get […]

Automated Replication for Objects

Been a long time since the last post, that’s because we have been busy developing a journal scraper and object replicator for RAP. The principle was to initially store the updates and apply in sequence […]

Sorry were very busy! Framework project will resume later…

Sorry for the lack of activity on the blog but we are very busy with our RAP product servicing customer requests and trials. We will be back to the Framework and will provide more posts […]

Zend Framework installed with ZendCore 2.5.2

If you intend to use the ZendFramework I would suggest you install a newer copy than the copy installed by default by the ZendCore Install. ZendCore 2.5.2 will install ZendFramework Version 1.0.3! The latest stable […]

Automated unit testing in PHP using PHPUnit

As part of the ZendFramework excercise I am following the author describes some automated testing process for the Framework modules as we build them. He talks about using the PHPUnit testing software which is available […]

Installing a MySQL interface

I am in the throws of going through a tutorial which shows how to set up and use the ZendFramework. It comes as part of a book I found which goes into some detail about […]