Compare: High Availability, Disaster Recover or Db2 Mirror for i

As a non-technical supporter of the IBM i platform, when I heard about DB2 Mirror for i, I immediately thought this would be similar to, or replace the need for an High Availability solution.

Hearing IBM i Architect … Steve Will’s presentation at the MAGIC IBM i user conference in Virginia Beach last year, I understood this is not the case. “DB2 Mirror for i has its limitations!”

Db2 Mirror for i, brings many benefits, but does not provide the full benefits or replace the need for a High Availability solution. System data can be kept in sync at particularly high speed, can eliminate production outages due to planned IPLs and updates, can be run in active/passive or active/active mode. IBM’s new solution requires the participating systems are no more than 200 meters apart, each being fully licensed with RoCE adapter cards in each.

I think the detailed explanation by Timothy Prickett Morgan of IT Jungle goes through and explains the details of the offering and what the cost will be very well.

TPM on DB2 Mirror

“IBM® Db2® Mirror for i is a continuous availability solution which offers the ability to keep database files synchronized between two nodes and can provide a recovery time objective close to zero”.

IBM Magazine explains how DB2 Mirror for i, came about : read article

A full High Availability solution, such as Shield Advanced Solutions’ HA4i, brings about a completely different scenario. For hardware you’ll need require one licensed production system, set up to replicate to another. The backup system would be ideally in a different building/location and can take many forms ie. The backup system, can be rented space via an IBM MSP (Managed Service Provider), at another branch within your own business, or through a cloud service.

Without getting too technical, dividing your system with LPARs can easily allow multi-tasking Power systems, running backups, plus other activity. There is always a benefit to purchase a second system.

For further reading and a slightly more technical in-depth outlook, Alex Woodie of IT Jungle explores this subject…. read more

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