Automated Replication for Objects

Been a long time since the last post, that’s because we have been busy developing a journal scraper and object replicator for RAP. The principle was to initially store the updates and apply in sequence with the apply of the journal receiver on the target, but that is going to have to wait as the management of the DASD on the target has to be a primary concern.

We now have a functioning application and will be testing it over the coming months. The use of the journal data we could extract from the Audit journal has allowed us to closely manage how we create the changes which have occurred on the source and replicate them to the target. We wanted to make sure we did not replicate objects unless absolutely necessary.

The initial process will handle *CLS, *CMD, *JOBD, *MENU, *MSGF, *PGM, *PNLGRP, *SBSD, *USRSPC, *FILE(PRTF and DSPF). We feel these are the major application objects which chnage and need to be replicated for application recovery. As we discover more requirements we should be able to implement them in future releases.

We handle most changes to the objects especially authority changes, because we have automated profile replication built into the base product we now provide the same level of object cover as some of our HA cousins!

The new features will be released either as upgrades to current versions or as a new version once we have fully tested to process. We are also improving other aspects of the RAP product with feedback which has been received from our customers.

I am afraid the Framework project is on hold again as we work to get this new feature out to the customer base.


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