CrcBuilder after the rush

A number of people have now downloaded the CrcBuilder program and we wondered what kind of results people are seeing? The program was developed with another IBM ‘i’ user/customer who had some pretty large and complex files to check, his results showed a performance level which was markedly different to ours. They did in fact build their own version which only used the Adler32 CRC function but was written in RPG. Their program flew through the records much faster than our C program could using the Adler32 function even with all of the tweeks and performance changes we tried! But the C program did provide more functionality than the RPG program just because of the capabilities of the C language on IBM ‘i’.

If you have run the program and would be willing to share your experiences we would be very happy to see them. The program is not being enhanced at this time as we don’t know what else to add? If you have some ideas on what it could do better or extra let us know and we will see if we can build in the changes..

While we don’t provide support for the product, if you have downloaded it and found problems, let us know and we will try to fix them.


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