IBM PTF adds significant improvement to JQG data collection

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We have been working with IBM to improve the data collection using one the the IBM API’s, the API seemed to be missing a lot of information at times and returned partial information at others. One of the tests we run for data collection is to have many jobs running all at once on a *NOMAX job queue, originally we were lucky to capture any of the data when the job first transitioned to the Job Queue and had to rely on capturing the data once the job became active. After some experimentation and code changes we did manage to get to the stage where we could capture the data once the job went into the active state except for a one or two instances. Capturing the data on the Job Queue simply did not work so we contacted IBM to ask if they could look at the API we use. They found a small problem where the job transitioned causing data to be incorrectly collected or totally missed so they set about working on a PTF to fix the issue.

A couple of days ago we received the test PTF, after installation we found the data collection has improved significantly where we now lose absolutely no data even when submitting 15 jobs all at once on the *NOMAX job queue. The jobs all finished within 1 second and yet the data collection worked perfectly.

IBM has yet to release the PTF into the wild but once it is we will release the information so the customers using JQG can benefit.


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