JobQGenie PTF04 available.

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A new PTF for JobQGenie was released a couple of weeks ago which offers some nice new features when looking at recovery after a system loss. One of the biggest challenges which face any company that is having to switch to a backup system is how to identify the data which could have been orphaned when jobs failed to complete before the production system was lost. With JobQGenie we capture all of the jobs as the run through their life cycle so we know when they started and when they ended etc. Using this information JobQGenie users can identify jobs which need to be restarted to allow the recovery system to be brought back on line for the users in the same state the production system was.

JobQGenie has always had a data mining capability which would look for any data deposited in the journals by any job it was required to monitor. For many this was enough but one company in particular had so many journals that a request to show affected data would slow things down significantly, they wanted to be able to say just look in these journals or even one particular journal. So we set about creating an additional configuration which allows the user to define which journals are to be searched when looking for data which was applied by a specific job. Now the user can single out exactly what journals are to be searched for entries and improve their recovery time.

Another update relates to the new *LDA data area and Library List collection which occurs for every job as it hits the job queue, previously we had no way to collect the *LDA data area data because IBM provided no access to the data, library lists were available but only once the job had started to run. The initial PTF ran OK but we found a number of instances where the data was not collected due to the transition of the job from one state to another even before it started to run. IBM came up with a better solution for capturing the data and we added some belt and braces to ensure we captured everything if the IBM process failed. The IBM updated PTFs are listed on the product pages and the new PTF contains the belt and braces.

The other changes were roll ups of previously found problems which are fixed by the PTF.

You can download the PTF from the website using you sign in credentials.


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