JQG Authority Issue

When we repackaged the latest Version of JQG (Version 5.1) we found a problem with the authority to the library and the Data Queues. This is a problem we asked IBM to fix which they said no to!

The Library has to be set to *USE and the Data Queues set to *CHANGE when used on Version 5.4 of the OS onwards. IBM has changed the way they load the data queues for some reason using the submitters profile instead of a system profile. It only affects the JOB LOAD Data Queue but we have taken the decision to change all of the Queues to ensure we don’t have problems later when IBM does the same thing to the other queues.

A new copy of the program will loaded to the Blog downloads later this week, until then if you have downloaded the product ensure you change the authorities to the above or the process will fail to register the job activity.


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