New addition to Journal tool

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A recent request from a client has resulted in an update to the JRNMASTER tool we have available for download. The client was having problems with files being removed from journaling by an application which they could not alter. The application could not be changed to remove the offending operation which stopped the journaling even though its removal would not affect the end result.

The client wanted something which would detect when a program ends the journaling against the file and automatically start journaling again. This had to be flexible enough to do this without knowing which program was carrying out the request or when it would be run and only be carried out against certain files. Thanks to our apply technology which we built into the HA4i product we found a method of capturing the event immediately and restarting the journaling to the correct journal.

So if you need something which can capture ENDJRNPF requests and immediately restart the journaling then the JRNMASTER tool is something you may want to try.