New tool to display the affected objects in a journal receiver

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Ever wanted to know what objects have been updated in a particular journal receiver? Well we had a couple of requests from clients saying they would. So we have built a new option in the JRNMASTER tool which will allow you to display the objects as well as some other important information.

The tool simply reads through the receiver and captures a list of objects which have been changed via journal entries, it will only record the object and journal entry information once but does have a count of the number of times the same entry type and object information occurred. This allows you to see just how much activity a certain object is subjected to during the period of time the journal receiver was attached. Once we have that information we create a list of the data and display it to the user in a panel group which currently allows you to submit a sync request via the HA4i product. We will add more options as requests come forward such as being able to display the particular transactions etc, but for now the only option is for the sync request.

Here is a sample of the output.

Screen showing affected objects
List Affected Objects

The receiver can be attached to a local or remote journal, the sample output above shows one of our test remote journals which we use for testing our HA4i product.

We are going to be adding the new feature to the JRNMASTER download in the next week or so as we need to add the help text and menu options to the JRNMASTER menu. If you would like a copy of the tool it will be available for download on our website soon, if you want a copy before we get to finishing it and would be happy to use it without all the bells and whistles we can ship a Save File with the content to you. Just let us know.

If you have any requests for features like this we are happy to take them and see if we can come up with a solution, obviously that will be on a best effort basis but if it makes sense to add a feature we are more than happy to try. I know a lot of people are using the free CRC Builder to verify file content, we don’t offer any support but have responded with updates recently and we know people are using them and others will benefit from those updates.

Contact us if you would like to try out the JRNMASTER product, its free as we have said and while we don’t guarantee to fix problems or add new features we have yet to turn anyone down who came to us with a reasonable request.


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