RAP Version 4.1 ready for packaging

We are excited with the new features of RAP and have finally started on the packaging stage after extensive internal testing of the new features and there interaction with existing ones.

Packaging is always a time intensive process as we have to get the installation programs working correctly with the IBM RSTLICPGM process. Lots of times we have to rebuild the entire product from scratch even for minor program changes. The reason for the rebuild is because we cannot test the exit programs without running the RSTLICPGM commands, this means we have to package the product entirely just to see if changes made have the desired effect.

While the process could be laborious we have written scripts and use the Software Development Manager product to great effect. Once we have a successful install we then have to configure and test the processes again before we test the DLTLICPGM process to ensure we clean everything up correctly.

We think we are still on track to meet GA by the end of the month.

As soon as we have the product finished and the features fully tested we will give out a list of what the product provides.