Flavour of the Month… Migration

Currently popular in the Shield office seems to be requests for data migration…. and why not?

There are 1 – 2 – 3 benefits…. 1) We use Shield’s own replication software to do the job. 2) The customer doesn’t have to buy the software and 3) The customer doesn’t even have to learn how to use it! What could be simpler?

From the client’s angle it is pretty easy…. they have to identify what they would like to be moved/transferred/migrated, where from and where to!

Careful scheduling has to take place…. many, in fact most, IBM i shops run high volume activity 24-7…. so finding the right slot to make the transition can sometimes be challenging.

As developers of independent High Availability software HA4i we know our Shield products inside out. In these situations, we lend/rent the use of our software until the switch is complete…. and the client can roll forward from there with their data neatly migrated!

It seems to be a word-of-mouth thing! Once we have completed one project…. we hear about the next. Undertaking migration in this way brings about a win-win situation for our customers!

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