FTP Guard4i interfaces completed

We have finished the PHP interfaces for FTP Guard4i. The 5250 interfaces are going to remain pretty much the same due to the limitations set by UIM (80 columns does not fit all of the data) but we hope to eventually add some new screens once we work out what makes sense. The PHP interface uses the i5_toolkit functions to extract the data from the IBM i, this allows us to run the Apache server on a separate server which is better suited to running an Apache web server than the IBM i. We also have the same processes running under iAMP on the IBM i for testing and demonstration purposes if you wish to see a total IBM i implementation.

Here is a quick overview of the pages and the data that they show.

1. FTP Guard4i Status screen

FTP Guard4i Status
FTP Guard4i Status

The list of users who are connected to the FTP server is a new feature which is only available in the PHP interface for the initial release due to the limitations imposed by the UIM (5250) screens. We did some testing with multiple users to see exactly what users were logged in and when which provided some interesting results.
The FTP Server is the job which is listening on port 21, the SSHD Server is the job which is listening on port 22. The log writer is the job which processes all of the request events which have been created as a result of user connections, this data is stored independently so even if the log writer is not running the events will be recorded waiting for the log writer to be started. We have also listed the exit points which have been correctly registered for FTP Guard4i, if any of these exit points are inactive no FTP activity will be logged until they are reset and the FTP Server restarted.

2. FTP Guard4i Server Users

FTP Guard4i Server Users
FTP Guard4i Server Users

Access to the FTP Server can be limited in many ways, the above image shows all of the configuration aspects of the users who are allowed to access the FTP Server and what limitations if any are set for that user. You can directly control all aspects of the FTP Server activity for a particular user such as when the can connect and where from, you can determine if they can move around the library/directory structure or if they are jailed to a specific one. If a user tries to connect to a directory/library which they are not allowed they will automatically be connected to the default directory/library. The list format and Name format are set regardless of the actual FTP Server settings.

3. FTP Guard4i Client settings

FTP Guard4i Client Users
FTP Guard4i Client Users

The FTP Client which is available on the IBM i is generally open to all users, this can be a major security exposure as a user with sufficient access can link a FTP Server to the system (a PC running FileZilla Server or similar) and transfer objects off to the PC without any trace. With FTP Guard4i all FTP activity is logged and can be reviewed to see what users did when using the services. The controls provided can limit the target Server (IP Address) and what activities the user can carry out, including the directory/libraries which can be accessed.

4. FTP Guard4i Accept IP Address

FTP Guard4i Accept IP config
FTP Guard4i Accept IP list

You can set the addresses which the users can connect to the FTP Server from, this is in addition to the IP addresses which can be set in the User settings which can provide a very simple to manage access tool. The process will check for an accept address and reject address entry, if an entry matches a specific accept entry the connection will be allowed even if a reject entry matches which is less specific. The User settings are checked after the connection to verify the user can connect from the IP address after this check.

5. FTP Guard4i Reject IP List

FTP Guard4i Reject IP
FTP Guard4i Reject IP List

The above shows a single entry which states that everything is rejected which does not match an Accept entry.

6. FTP Guard4i Log

FTP Guard4i Log
FTP Guard4i Log view

The level of logging can determine what log entries are placed into the log, if it is set to log all entries you will see an entry for every request made to the server including the actual files and directories which have been involved. This can be very important for auditors who need to view all of the transactions a user carried out via the FTP Services on the IBM i.

7. FTP Guard4i Config.

FTP Guard4i config
FTP Guard4i Config

There are various control files which determine how FTP Guard4i runs, the PHP interface provides the ability to view or update those files.

As you can see FTP Guard4i is pretty much completed, all we need to do now is carry out some additional testing before we move to the release stage of the process. We will also provide a manual which will give more details on the various configuration parameters and how to manage the data which is logged.

If you are interested in FTP Guard4i and the security of the IBM i FTP Services let us know. We can provide online demos of the product and show how effective it is in locking down user FTP activities. Don’t wait until your data has been stolen, act today and give us a call.


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