Getting the word out?

I was thinking how I can improve the visibility of the System i5 when I remembered a site I visited recently as part of my migration to the Mac PC. The site was dedicated to the Mac platform giving the visitors information about the various aspects of the Mac products and technology. That wasn’t what caught my imagination, as soon as you get to the site right at the top of the page was one of the Apple-PC adverts we have all seen on TV! I though what a great idea. I, as well as many others have sites dedicated to our business and hopefully have enough visitors to the site to make its use as a marketing tool viable. I do remember a presentation at the Museum of Modern Art (MOM) in New York where one of the IBM reps had a number of similar movie clips about the system i5. Unfortunately I cannot find them so I have sent a note to Mark Shearer (why not go to the top!) asking if IBM has any clips like the ones used on the Apple related site I could use on my site to promote the benefits of the platform. I concentrate on the i5 space so those that come to my site are probably already i5 customers, marketing to them may not provide the results we are looking for? However most of the Business Partners who sell the i5 also sell other platform related products, their sites may have visitors who do not understand the i5 platform and its benefits. So this could be a very good viral marketing place for us all to get the message out. If I get an answer from IBM you will know if my idea is a good one because you should see the adverts being played on my site.

If you have any clips related to the i5 I will be happy to review them and post to my site if suitable..


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