HA4i gets new one button roleswap.

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One of the most sought after requirements for HA4i is a single command that will carry out the required actions on both systems for *PLANNED role-swaps. The clients also asked for exit points to be placed for programs to be called at each stage so they can carry out additional tasks while the role-swap is running. These features have now been added to HA4i.

We have built a set of processes which allow the roles-swap to be carried out using a single command from the source system, it will rebuild the journal environment for the applications to use, start the remote journals and start the required jobs on each system to carry out the replication tasks. To allow user programs to be called we have also added a new exit program (we also provide a skeleton program for users to modify) that can be used to run additional actions at each stage of the role-swap. As before we track what is happening at each stage so if a particular action fails the process can automatically start from that point and move forward. This can be carried using either restart of the *PLANNED switch from the source system or using an *UNPLANNED switch request from each system.

One of the big questions customers always ask is how long does it take to switch, well with 4 journals setup it took HA4i just over 2 minutes to switch on our small systems. That includes changing all of the journals, cleaning up the receivers, starting the remote journals in the correct direction plus starting all of the HA4i programs again. Is that important? Probably not, the biggest amount time taken for most roles swaps using any HA software is the time it takes to manage the other environment requirements such as starting the application and making sure the users can access the system. However it does provide the customers with a very simple role-swap capability and recovery options should things go wrong.

We are constantly updating the product and continue to add new features which make the product easier to use. For a free 30 day trial of HA4i contact us to discuss.


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