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I have been developing the HMC checks for a Nagios Plugin which will be released soon. One of the issues I have been struggling with is a lack of good documentation for the REST API’s that are provided by IBM for access the HMC data.

I have managed to get some basic information back for the various elements running under the control of the HMC, but need help with something that I think is vital information which needs to be extracted on a frequent basis. When using the API’s the data that is returned can sometimes be very large, this also takes a long time to download and parse through the data just to get what may turn out to be just a few bytes of relevant data. IBM does provide a few properties that can be obtained via the quick property URL, unfortunately a lot of items are not available via this route, one such property is the SRC code for the partitions and managed systems. Just to get this 8 bytes of data requires us to download 12K of data and parse through it, so I have raised an idea in the Power Idea’s portal suggesting they add the SRC to the list of supported quick properties.

The idea can be found at the following link : Add additional quick property request for SRC | IBM Power Ideas Portal. Please help us by adding your vote to the request, hopefully enough people will be interested in this to get IBM to add the property.


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