Howto screencasts now available

In our attempt to help customers set up and manage a replication environment and install and configure the RAP product, we have created a number of screencasts showing how to carry out a number of functions. Our hope is that eventually anyone will be able to install, configure and manage RAP without the need for expensive consultant assistance, or an over dependence on our support staff.

This is early days for us using this technology and we hope the quality of the screencasts is acceptable enough for most users, we are not professional demonstrators and don’t have pre-written scripts so the experience has been quite challenging so far. However we feel the process works and the information we pass on will be useful to many users. To access the screencasts you need to go to our website and access the support pages, here is a directlink to the screencasts.

The first screencast covers how to copy the save files contained in the zip files to the remote iSeries. We have used the windows DOS prompt and the windows FTP client to put the files on the remote system. We also point out the need to have the save files already available on the target iSeries before you transfer the objects to the target. Check it out, if you have any comments let us know.

Next we installed the RAP product onto the target system, the only difference between the installation process is when you install the Option 1 content, it needs to know which type of system you are installing. We show the installation of the *NET system which is the target system for the replication process. Installing to the *MGT system only requires the user to answer a simple message that asks the type of installation it is, we felt it wasn’t necessary to demonstrate this.

The third screencast shows how to set up the journal environment on both systems and how to attach a Remote Journal to the source journal. This is probably one of the most confusing actions the installer of any HA product has to carry out, we hope the content of the screencast helps those who are setting up a RJ environment for the first time understand how it all ties up together.

We are planning to do a number of screencasts in the future which will show how to configure the replication environment we have just created to RAP and how some of the tools we have supplied can be used to manage the environments across the systems. Eventually we will add our other products into the mix but RAP is the priority at the moment.

If you have any comments or suggestions please let us know.


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