IBM i – What to Ask?

Listening to technical conversations during the Annual Conference for Mid-Atlantic Group of IBM i Collaborators (MAGiC)…. I heard some common elements…..

“You don’t know, what you don’t know!”…… and sometimes, one can discover there are very commonly-known aspects, which everyone knows…. except you! So how do you discover what it is that you don’t know about?

I have seen it in action. Two or more techy’s explaining a way they approach a solution. None are right or wrong, but among the conversation a word or term is mentioned…. “Explain? What’s that? How?” ….. and sometimes it is a very key element that might have been useful in several instances of your IBM i shop…. who knew? Apparently, everyone except you!

Networking with like-minded technical IBM i folk, is the way to go… whether you are system or program orientated, hearing others explain a scenario, can give you insight on a new direction.

My non-techny discoveries include – MODEM and POWER are acronyms, an Asterisk is known as a SPLAT, there’s an Open Source forum called RYVER (ask if you need an invitation to join) and Dropbox can be linked to IBM i!

So, on a more serious note, take a moment to seek out and IBM i User Group near you, and put yourself among technical people of all levels…. register early, and get dates in your calendar.

MAGiC Annual Conference & Monthly meetings

Everyone has something to share – everyone can learn something new! Let’s work together to continue to enhance the IBM i platform!

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