Ever Increasing Prices

The economy and cost of living increases are currently fairly steady and minimal…. so why are we seeing so many spikes of price increases in software, services and maintenance support for IBM i?
“Are Corporations Getting Greedy?”
An article in Computer Weekly suggests the reason….Why Software Giants Are Failing

If a solution or product is unique in what it does, good business says, one can charge a little more….. but let’s be sensible here! Annual increases, shouldn’t be seen at crazy high percentages. If a corporate monopolizes the market in something special… maybe people will pay, but for how long? Heavy hikes in maintenance, and service costs, that do not match the pay increases of employees, running costs or overheads, can be simply classed as greed. Customers may seek alternatives!

At Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd, we pride ourselves on steady growth, customer excellence, personal service and a listening ear. Our customer support goes above and beyond. Our products are stable and our customer stay with us! We have been known to fix issues, not connected to, or caused by our products… just to be helpful. Can other IBM i industry providers say the same?

What do you think?

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