IntERPrise – Open Source for IBM i

Pittsburgh, PA, Common Fall Conference : 15 October 2018

The initial Alpha Announcement of IntERPrise was announced by a team of International IBM i community developers. IntERPrise is an industrial strength, Native, data centric, multi-tier, ILE and DB2 database which will be available on Open Source!

Shield Advanced Solutions is pleased to be an integral part of this amazing project, says Chris Hird, “We have seen several Open Source projects getting underway, mostly PASE based, and very for for the ILE environment.¬† From the beginning we decided to create a formal architecture and set conventions with clear directives. We believe building this ILE Open Source project in this way, will provide a solid base, that can be easily adapted by those wishing to use it.”

IT Jungle announcement article, explains the project well…. another IT Jungle article discusses the benefits of ILE-based applications.

The team’s objective is to have a full working model ready and available at the #POWERUp19 – Spring Common 2019, in Anaheim.

To find out more about this project visit

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