QNAP and NFS issues

I don’t know why, but the setup we created for backing up to the QNAP NAS from the IBMi LPARS stopped working. We have been installing PTF’s all weekend as we try to get Node.js up and running on them but that was not the issue. The problem seemed to be related to the way the exports had been applied by the IBMi when running the MOUNT command? We spent a lot of time trying to change the authorities on the mount point to no avail, when the mount point was created everything was owned by the profile that created the directories, however once I mount the remote directories the ownership changed to QSECOFR and even as a user with all authorities I could not view the mounted directories. I also had no way of changing the authorities signed on as QSECOFR or not..

I spent a lot of time playing with the authorities on the remote NAS trying to change the authorities of the shared folder, I even gave full access by anyone to the share which did not work? Eventually (I think I tried every setting possible) I stumbled across the issue. When I looked at the NFS security on the QNAP NAS it has a dropdown which shows the NFS host access, originally this was set to ‘*’ which I assumed meant that it would allow access from any host? However, when I changed this to reflect the local network ‘192.168.100.*’ everything started to work again..

So if you are trying to set this up and stumble into authority issues try setting the host access to reflect your local LAN etc. I will try to delve a little more into exactly what the setting does later..


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