As you can tell from my posts I am very passionate about the IBM i and the ‘C’ programming language. PHP is really similar to ‘C’ so it has become my favorite language for building website content, however I use a lot of JavaScript to get the non related content checking etc off the server.  I think the IBM i is IBM’s best kept secret! I enjoy a number of pastimes such as hunting, fishing, boating, flying and watersports in general although fitting them all in can be quite a challenge with my work schedule. We boat around the Georgian Bay area, fishing is good and regular fish fries are a great way to end the day and tell lots of fish stories! The other pastime we enjoy while on the boat is wakeboarding, at my age the tricks are more about staying upright than trying to make jumps and flips but it is a great sport and keeps me active. I love to learn new things and constantly strive to build my knowledge base, however I think my brain is in need of a defrag, some things just seem to get lost in the clutter and take time to retrieve. I don’t have a long bucket list and retirement isn’t something I dream about, being active and keeping the grey matter pulsing is more important and I will probably work well into my 70s.