IoT …. and More

From a non-technical layman’s perspective…. I am hearing the term I.O.T. being referred to more and more…. and in different ways. The Internet of Things can in fact mean so many different things!

If you do a search on Google IoT – the result is a list of ads for telephone and technology companies. Wikipedia offers an overview, and even IBM explains IoT in a blog….. What Is Internet Of Things

What set me on this path of discussion was a Forbes article that I came across, which offered a good summary and a short video –Simple Explanation Internet Of Things That Everyone Can Understand. Forever the museum lady, I particularly liked the reference to the first IoT being our banking cash machines – ATMs or ABMs as far back as 1974. In by-gone days banking machines were produced at IBM Havant manufacturing plant where I worked. This made me smile, as we certainly didn’t refer to them as IoT.

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