Is Zend for i5 Really Free?

I am not sure why this question is not solved but I have been corresponding with an IBM ‘i’ user who Zend is telling that Zend Core for i5 is only free for the first year? Has anyone else been approached with this same information?

The user has been trying to get a definitive answer since a sales rep from Zend contacted them stating they needed to purchase Zend Core for their system after a one year free trial? Here is the information which was send to the user
“We can install Zend Core for i5 and all nine developers can use Zend Studio for i5 and we can continue to utilize these products free of charge for one year and one year only. When the first, free year concludes, in order to continue using the Zend products, we will need to purchase…” [/QUOTE]

The user has requested a response from Jim Dillard at Zend who it appears confirmed that they would in fact have to pay for Zend Core?

We have been using Zend Core on our systems now for over 3 years with no indication that we would have to pay for the product? Is this a recent ruling or has anyone else been informed that they also need to pay for Zend Core for i5?


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