It’s Like Insurance for Your IBM i Job Queues

Backups in whatever form are insurance to keep the integrity of your data safe and retrievable. High Availability is an ultimate form of backup, whether to a cloud or another system – captures everything, switchable, easy to retrieve and restore, right?

Did you know most HA solutions for the IBM i, do not take into account or capture the precise status of your Job Queues at any given time, especially at the time of an unplanned system failure! The replication of Job Queue content is not possible.

JT4i from Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd is a solution that fills this gap. JT4i adds Job Queue Tracking to your High Availability solution. This specialized product captures the content of IBM i job queues as submitted jobs run through their life cycle. Without JT4i you will never know which jobs were running and which ended correctly. Resubmitting the jobs with the same parameters can taken many hours of effort. Job Scheduler products may also have gaps in their recovery capabilities.

JT4i is like having additional insurance for your IBM i, allowing improved IBM i system recovery without a heavy HR overhead.

There is additional benefits for role swaps. If you have a high batch throughput with limited time available for a role swap JT4i can provide an automated job queue reload. In addition to an automated recovery and data review tools, JT4i offers real-time monitoring of jobs.

As with all Shield products, JT4i is easy to install and configure. It is designed to use with Shield’s HA4i or any other HA solution. Enterprise-level organizations have been relying on JT4i for close to 20 years.

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