It’s Simple – HA4i!

Introducing Shield’s Technical YouTube channel.

How did this come about? In recent weeks, we have completed an inordinate number of live demos for our High Availability solution HA4i. We felt it was time to put ‘pen to paper’ and create short videos to demonstrate this product.

“View it for yourself!”

HA4i is used by many clients around the globe. Customers turn to HA4i for one main reason – it is simple to use, configure and maintain. Our High Availability solution cuts through the complex path from conception to completion.

Most staff with a good grapple of technical know-how about the operation of Power Systems running IBM i, can handle this in-house, without the need for high-priced consultancy support.

Our clients love HA4i, and we rarely hear from them….. as it just works as planned.

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Here we demonstrate just how simple it really is. We walk you through the process, configuration, install, and replication set up.

Viewing these easy-to-understand processes, we felt, would remove the mystique around complex high availability situations. These videos show how easy using HA4i can be!

No sales pressure from Shield…. if you like what you see? Then talk to us further.

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