Job Tracking Solution – JT4i – New Product Launch from Shield

Shield launched a new product solution JT4i – Job Tracking for IBMi.

Press Release:
Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd, leading providers of High Availability Software, announced a new product, JT4i. The job tracking solution for IBMi brings a fresh approach, and is a compete re-write of Shield’s long-standing product JQG4i.

At yesterday’s press conference held at the 2016 Annual Common and Expo, in New Orleans, Director, Chris Hird explained that JT4i improves recovery after a system crash, captures all attributes for a job, tracks job queue parameters through its life cycle, and is designed for use with any High Availability product. Says Hird,

“JT4i’s new code and design brings to the table a product that is faster more efficient and is a solution that also offers more flexibility. Needless to say as JT4i increases in momentum, we eventually plan to phase out the popular JQG4i.”
“Improved system recovery with JT4i”
Benefits of using JT4i include:
  • Ability to track jobs and record all parameters
  • Better identify data modified by a given job
  • Identify and analyze the job stream that a particular job belongs to
  • Lists open jobs at the time of a system crash
  • Recovery of an individual batch job or steam
  • Ability to re-submit jobs with the original parameters
  • Regular data clean up and verification
  • Full support for iASP and IBM Power HA
JT4i works as a stand-alone product or alongside any High Availability solution such as HA4i.

Easy to configure and install, JT4i has been developed to help provide the information necessary to set the data and objects to a known and recoverable position. It is highly effective in identifying multi-stream batch jobs which need to be restarted for a true recovery position. In addition the output can be used for profiling the batch job stages to identify problems with multi-stream batch processes that is not normally available without considerable effort. JT4i is an effective solution to speed up recovery following a system crash for any High Availability solution.

For more than 20 years Shield Advanced Solutions (Canada) Ltd has developed highly effective software solutions for the IBMi HA market. Based North of Toronto, Ontario, Shield offers proven methodology, stable products with a reputation for implementing customer-led improvements.

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