Less is More!

Shield is a long-standing player providing solutions for the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries… etc) platform servicing the midrange community for close to 20 years.

We constantly work at reducing complexity which in turn reduces the resources required to write, rewrite, patch-up, or plug into the code and support the products. We do not need teams of people to maintain and support a monolithic code base keeping us agile and allowing the customers to benefit from effective affordable products.

“Less is more!”

If IBM makes a change to the OS, or we decide to take our products into a new innovative direction, we do not bolt on extras, or fix up, and redirect our existing code.  We rewrite from scratch!  This keeps our software clean and more effective.

“One example is where a recent upgrade to an existing product resulted in a 120 Mb save file, while a rewrite of the new release which included additional features resulted in a 9 Mb save file. So why wouldn’t we take this route?” questions Director Chris Hird. “Everything we write is in the ‘C’ language which ensures we can continue developing for the IBM i using any C programmer. This helps with maintenance and gives us a clear succession plan for the future.”

Recently we heard from a colleague that one of their customers’ who was running a well-known brand High Availability, had to stop replication. The product was so complex and over configured that the system was unable to meet the resource requirements needed for the replication product. Our product runs in similar environments without any problems.

Some of the leading brands have been around for some time. Many endeavor to have everything for everyone meaning they build in all the bells and whistles for every eventuality. This in turn makes the solutions complex to run, difficult to configure and maintain let alone recover when you need it most.

Shield prides itself on keeping it simple. Providing clean, crisp solutions that offers exactly what the customers say they need… this non-complex approach also keeps our products affordable to most IBM i shops, and yet robust enough to handle the enterprise level requirements as well.

In our opinion, and in the opinion of our customers large and small…. Less is more!

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