Gentoo Rocks!

I have been planning for sometime to build a new server for storing my i5 save Images which were created on the i5 using the Virtual Optical support, well I finally took the plunge and ripped out the MS SBS from my Dual Zeon server and put Linux (Gentoo) onto it. I have always liked Gentoo because it allows you to build the content specific to your needs and doesnt come with all the additional software pre-loaded. I wanted a simple LAMPS (Linux Apache MySQL PHP Server) to replace the current system which is running on an AMD chip and only a small amount of DASD. This one has 750GB of DASD with 2GB RAM and Dual Zeon Processors (64 bit). I was surprised when it only took 6 hours to build the server from scratch! This thing ROCKS! The other nice thing is I now have a server with Raid protection which I never had with the old server and hot swapable disks. I needed something better than the existing system because a number of disks failed recently, even though I do my best to manage the power problems we have living out in the boonies.

Now I have my dream box and just need something to use it for! As I mentioned previously, I do use it to store the i5 CD images but I need something more… I eventually want to develop an interface to the IBM DB2 database in the same vein as phpMyAdmin does for MySQL but that would mean getting either DB2 for the Linux Box or using the i5 again and really getting to grips with its PHP and MySQL support etc. We will see!


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