Long-standing Expertise!

As 2019 begins, we reflect on another accomplished year of Shield Advanced Solutions providing High Availability solutions for customers using IBM i!

IBM i – 30-Year Celebration

Known by the original release name as “AS/400”, the platform and its operating system have morphed over the years through various names and stages – iSeries, i5, to it’s current “IBM i” on Power Systems.  This year IBM celebrated 30-year anniversary of the product (or series of products).

I recall being the part of the Birmingham Launch in 1989, Communications Officer sent to represent IBM Havant Plant where the discs were being manufactured – exciting times!

Chris Hird, Shield’s Director was heading up a consulting team at the plant, working with MSS (Multiple Systems Software), which eventually amalgamated with the later availability product Mimix. His path continued as a provider of HA solutions.

AS/400 Expo, London 1994

Having seen a need in the market Shield wrote and launched an entirely new solution, with simple-to-use fresh code, that can be installed and managed by in-house IBM i shop staff. High Availability 4i – HA4i is still available today, with regular refreshed up-to-the-minute code, keeping abreast of IBM changes over the years.

Shield Advanced Solutions Celebrating 20 years

Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd celebrated 20 years in operation providing it’s own solution in 2017, and with many recent amalgamations and buy-outs remains an independent runner in the IBM i market place.

Continuing new angles of development for the IBM i, understanding how it all fits together under the covers…. and listening our customers, Shield is proud of the customer experience offered leaning on our long-standing expertise!

Wishing customers, colleagues and friends in the IBM i world – a very Happy and successful 2019!

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