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Due to some issues with open downloads and allowing users to register without sanctioning them first, we have had to remove the download capabilities from everyone who is not a registered user. We have also added the downloads to our members pages on the main website. Both instances require you to register before you can download.

Sorry for the inconvenience but some spoil it for everyone else!


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  1. Ran into a problem, created an ISO from these files, ftp to a V5R3 machine (downloaded the 5.3 version) but it won’t load the program, no the right format. I tried burning to a CD, but won’t load that either. It looks like the download is just a file copy from a cd with a PC. Not sure if that is the issue. Does IBM use some special format for a n ISO file I am missing. I d/l iso’s and bin’s all the time and load with image catalogs.

    1. Michael

      The objects are the same objects as supplied by IBM on the CD, no need for an ISO image as the IBM ‘i’ recognizes the format due to the presence of the QDSETMAP file. All you have to do is copy all of the objects below the top directory and burn them directly to a CD using a PC CD burning software. Then close the CD and mount in the IBM ‘i’. RSTLICPGM with the relevant Optical Drive selected.


  2. Ok, I will burn a CD .. not sure why it doesn’t work when I create an ISO of the files… must be some format issue in the ISO created by DeepBurner and Nero. ISO9600 should be a standard, but such is life sometimes.

  3. more fun… it didn’t work until I spec’d the release to install… I had to use the command:


    Anything else on the CD or the ISO told me the media wasn’t part of the set or was invalid. Odd, but I am a plus/minus if it works kind of guy. Thanx for the help.

  4. Chris no I meant Version 4 Release 4, I know it was an optional install. I was just hoping that this 5733SC1 CD will work for installing it. Any idea?

    1. Mike

      I don’t think it will! I know prior to this release the OS came with an option to install PASE, at V5R3 they changed the method of shipment to have PASE included with all OS shipments. But I would think trying to install a later version of a program than the OS will result in problems?? I think when you try to do an install of an LPP it will give you an error when the LICPGM is created for an OS version later than you are trying to install it on anyhow.

      I am pretty sure I have ditched all copies of PASE which shipped separately I had, but I can check for a copy.


  5. Chris thanks for looking, much appreciated. I have the original OS discs like 5769-SS1, there are 3 of them labeled B2924_01, B2924_02, B2924_03 respectively.

    Do you think the PASE option 33 would be on any one of these???

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