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Lots of exciting things have been happening for for us which have taken up a lot of time and effort on my behalf. I did manage to get to the forum’s a couple of times in recent weeks but the blog has just had to wait. I was sad to hear about the COMMON problems and in particular about the financial situation and the impact that is going to have for the future of the organization. I noted with particular interest the problem which is now going to face people like Scott Klement who is a major advocate for the IBM i and his ability to attend future COMMON events. I don’t attend COMMON very often any more due to the cost involved (not only financially but also time) but do see the benefits some gain from attending such events.

Perhaps there is an alternative? If you look at the distance learning technology in use by our colleges and universities perhaps that could be a better alternative?

I will be working on a new PHP Framework post which I had hoped to have finished by now but with the trip to Europe it has had to take a back seat.

For those who attended COMMON I hope you had a successful week and lets hope they manage to find a way to ease the financial burdens.


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  1. I look forward to reading your blog about using Zend Framework on the i5. I’ve been developing on the i5 with the zend framework and its not that easy. And it seems the Zend DB adapters just won’t work with PDO_IBM, DB2.

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