My new i5 is on order

IBM took my information today and confirmed the order for the new system.  It should arrive in about 2 weeks which will give me plenty of time to get everything ready and make some time available to do the initial set-up.  I hope to be able to post the changes I make to the system as I go, which should show the steps a customer may take to set up their own.  I intend to use this install to show how to set up a LAMP install on the i5, this will involve the installation of  all of the elements and  how I configure the websites etc.  I will then use this as a platform for showing basic PHP web development and how  the website progresses.  I also need to set it up to run Remote Journalling etc for my own development so I will include and steps I take to enable that which I feel are pertinent.

Now all I have to do is get the new object replication process underway, build the file auditing process, test IBM PTF issues I have with the WRKWCH API’s and I will have a bit of time to do it!


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