New i515 is due this week

I have not heard anything to the contrary so I am hoping to get the new i515 later this week.  Once I have the system I will post the setup as I go along.  I will be installing the LAMPS set up as promised as well as configuring the full PHP environment including the IDE which comes with PHP.  One of the questions I always see is about how to configure and use the IDE with the i5, some have tried to use a copy of the PHP Studio from other implementations such as windows etc with limited results.  Another problem is how to configure and use the development tools to allow development of applications for the i5 while not having an i5 available all the time.  I hope to be able to show how I managed to get a development environment set up and running which allowed me to perform that function.

This system will have no development environment on it as I decided not to purchase the development tools.  One of the things I need to do is set up some kind of replication environment so that any object created in the test libraries are automatically copied to the target system.  I will try to do this with the tools already provided in the OS rather than develop a program specifically, we will see!

I have not heard from Terry for a while despite a few emails to try to find out what is going on so the RPG tutorial will have to take a back seat while I concentrate on the PHP and MySQL  stuff.  I hope Terry is OK and that he can come back and finish his series of articles.  I have said many times that I am not an RPG fan or expert so I cannot continue the series alone.  If you would like to contribute articles let me know as I will be more than happy to assist.

I have been away for a week so I have not added any content to the blog, that will change as from today and I hope the content will be more valuable as I develop the LAMPS environment.


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