Strange Problem with Windows7 and Logitech Mouse & Keyboard

I was experiencing a lot of problems with my system after a recent upgrade to Windows7. A lot of the applications would not respond to mouse clicks and the application would fail to show some of the content such as tree views would start to miss folders and files??

I had suspected the mouse and keyboard drivers because it would only happen on the one system. I searched for any fixes and found a new set of drivers etc for the SetPoint product. They even had a specific driver set for 64bit so I thought that should fix the problems! It didn’t, if fact it got worse and I now started to have strange actions occur when using the Microsoft Web 3 application. Eventually I decided to replace the mouse and keyboard with an old Microsoft set I have and now everything works perfectly.

So my advice is if you have Windows7 and Logitech Devices and you start to see problems replace them until Logitech comes out with a better set of device drivers.. I will be keeping an eye out as the Logitech devices I have are pretty high end with a superb functionality and feel.. I am missing them already!


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