Fighting ghosts with MySQL

I thought I was going mad!  I had started 2 sessions on the i5 and was trying to start the MySQL server so that it would allow me to test out the new ADDENVVAR code! I was able to start the server in a QP2TERM session but could not start it using the code I had developed for automating the start and stop process.  Having spent hours trying to understand why it kept stating it could not find the host.frm file in the program but it could in the manual start in QP2TERM I was lost!  I was about to walk away and come back another day when I had an idea, I was signed onto each session with different users, the session that allowed me to start the server in QP2TERM was signed on as my profile, the other which I was trying to start using the programs was QSECOFR.  So I exited the QP2TERM session, stopped the server (cant have 2 instances running) using the WRKACTJOB options and then called the programs. It started OK! I was surprised that calling the programs with QSECOFR would give such a problem! My profile has all authority just the same as QSECOFR (but its not QSECOFR) so it must be the name or some flag in the profile which caused the problem.

Basically dont use QSECOFR for starting MySQL!

Now I have to look at the security problems I was looking at earlier..


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