MySQL would not start!

I dont know why the following occured but I was answering a forum request this morning and decided to check out a few things, I had to restart the mysql instance because the recent IPL I did had closed down the subsystem and the server jobs. On trying to restart using the commands previously developed I found the server would abend!  I went to the logs ‘/usr/local/mysql/data’ and looked into the log and found it had a problem with the start up, so on checking the ENVVAR noticed that it had dissapeared!  Simple fix to this was to add it again, although I suspect I need to add it to the start up job in the future and remove it when I stop the server? Anyhow I thought this would fix the problem but it did not.  The server was complaining that it could not find the host.frm file which is part of the security requirements.  A quick search on Google turned up other users were experiencing this problem, the reply was the same its an authority issue.  So on checking the authourity to ‘/usr/local/mysql/data/mysql’ directory I noticed that it had my profile as the owner and everyone else was excluded!  I simply went to the data directory and took option 9 against the ‘mysql’ directory and changed the autority to give ‘mysql’ user *RW with all object authority and took the option to do all subdirectories. After this the server started OK!

The question I have is why did it work previously yet failed after the IPL?  I will try to find out later!


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