Nagios monitoring

We have been asked by a customer to help integrate monitoring of our HA4i software into the Nagios XI monitoring solution. Nagios XI is a paid offering that allows lots of your IT infrastructure to be monitored on a constant basis, this includes the IBM i via a couple of plugins provided as open source by IBM. Before we start developing our own plugins we needed to see how everything fitted together so we set about installing a trial copy of the software on one of our internal servers.

We were told the best way to install the software was by using one of the VM’s that are provided, we decided on using the VirtualBox approach because its free and it can run on a variety of platforms (we chose Ubuntu as we had a server set up ready to run). Installing VirtualBox on the Ubuntu server was pretty straight forward. Once we had VirtualBox up and running we imported the .ova file we downloaded and went through to configure Nagios. and import the IBM i wizards that allowed us to monitor our IBM i. Here is the screen showing our IBM i being monitored in Nagios.

IBM i Monitored via Nagios

If you want to know the steps we took to install Nagios you can download the .pdf we created as we went through the install. This is the first step, we will have many more posts to describe how we added additional monitoring for our HA4i product.


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