Networking – Advance Your Knowledge!

We all understand that formal educational classes and workshops keep you up-to-date, abreast of changes and help you plan your way forward….. but networking with like-minded folk can bring you something else entirely!

Do you need an additional edge to help persuade your boss to fund your POWERUp18 attendance? Read on….

There are two sides to networking. Marketing and networking for information exchange. Annual COMMON conferences such as the upcoming POWERUp18 can give you an opportunity to connect with some of most experienced IBM i professionals in one place. Allowing you to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experiences.

Network – for knowledge, information, and experience exchange

Don’t assume learning only takes place in the classrooms. Exchange ideas with your peers, use the staff available at each of the Expo booths and talk with the many experts who are on hand. Pick the brains of the specialists, discuss scenarios and needs for your workplace.

Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd attends COMMON events to support the IBM i community. Our objective is to raise awareness about Shield and what we do. The key benefit for us at these events is to connect with the people are involved daily within IBM i environments and to help discover what customers want.

Swing by for a chat at the Shield booth No 318.

Network, communicate and gather knowledge ….. gain the most benefit for yourself and the company you represent.

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