New HA4i Multi-Node Product moving along

Many people have asked for a version of our HA4i product which would support multiple replication paths (‘one to many’ and ‘many to one’ etc) but we have been avoiding that until now!

We are going to be releasing a new product which will allow Multi Node configuration that has all of the underlying technology of HA4i. We are not going to change HA4i, it will remain our product of choice for those who want simple yet effective one to one replication for High Availability. This product is going to be aimed at the Enterprise level customers who are most likely to require the Multi Node capabilities.

The new product will not be an upgrade from HA4i, it makes a lot of sense to keep the code content separate for each product,  so existing customers will continue to see enhancements and upgrades to HA4i.

Now you will be able to run a HA solution on one system and a DR solution on another system or even provide data migration to multiple nodes when moving systems etc.

This is still early days, we expect to be making an announcement before PowerUP 2018 so stay tuned as we describe some of the new features we have been adding in future posts.

Just as a teaser here is a snapshot of the product running on 4 systems and replicating in different directions between them.

snaphot of Multi-Node
Live Snapshot of Multi-Node in Action

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