Object replication working despite Audit Journal feature

OK so we now have fully automated Object replication working and driven by the audit journal in the same manner as the other HA products. Hopefully we will see a lot more traction in the market for the product once we start shipping this feature? Having said that the current economic climate is tending to move out projects such as HA so we will see how it pans out!

One nice “feature” we did find was the Audit journal traces we did show that an object can have its security changed before it even exists. Having raised the concern with IBM we got a simple that’s how we designed it! I have since been informed that other HA products had to cope with the same issues so we are not alone… The fix was fairly simple and rigorous testing has shown the code path works and it does not add too much additional overhead to the process.

So if you have been ignoring RAP because you felt it lacked the sophistication of automated object replication we have now fixed that concern.

So you ask what is the difference between RAP and the other HA products? Answer is not as much now! Having fully automated Object,Profile,IFS and Data replication is now possible with the product and with the new switch process we can provide the requirements of most HA installations!


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