About Chris Hird

I have been around the IBM i or it’s predecessors (AS/400, iSeries, i5, System i etc.) for about 24 years now. I started after being retrained by IBM from a Buyer into a programmer! I always loved to get involved […]

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Employer Info

What we do! We develop solutions for High Availability and Disaster Recovery which we distribute through a network of partners and web based portals. If you wish to contact us please visit our website at http://www.shieldadvanced.com. The blog and website […]

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As you can tell from my posts I am very passionate about the IBM i and the ‘C’ programming language. PHP is really similar to ‘C’ so it has become my favorite language for building website content, however I use […]

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Today we start with the new Blog

This is my first blog and the first time I have even tried to view one! Yes we all catch up with the times eventually I am just a little slow on the uptake… The blog is going to be […]

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