Essential Guide to HA article and its validity

I recently wrote an article Essential Guide to supporting a HA environment which talks about how you would manage the research and implementation of a HA environment. Recent news Vision Solutions Aquires Lakeview Technology does […]

HA where will it be next year

The High Availability (HA) market has changed significantly in the past few months, the merger of iTera and Vision Solutions was only the start. If rumors are correct the announcement that another HA provider will […]

Data auditing in a replicated environment

One of the problems I have seen people struggle with is the ability to check the data contained in one file with the data stored in another. High Availability products have been supplying a audit […]

Initial test show promising results for RAP/400 V1R1

Today we set up a couple of LPAR’s on the IBM VLP systems with RAP/400 and a data generation program. The program simply adds over 5000 records into a set of files over 5 libraries, […]

C programming for the i5

The recent article about how RPG is seen as the only programming language for the IBM System i5 raised quite a few comments from readers. The article was more about how other languages are supported […]

RAP/400 ongoing development

The RAP/400 Version product has been out there for a few weeks now and has seen a fair level of attention from the media and interested parties. Some of that attention did amaze me, I […]

Is there space for another replication product

A number of people have asked why I decided to write the RAP/400 program. After all there are a number of data replication products out there already why bring another one to market? Before I […]

New product released

Receiver Apply Program/400 (RAP/400) is available for customer download and use. the product is aimed primarily at those users of the IBM System i5 who need data protection on a second system. It is not […]