Using Virtual devices to assist with Availability

We recently presented to the Toronto User Group about the use of technology which can help with their Availability strategy. As part of the presentation we discussed the use of Virtual devices available since V5R1 […]

Upgrade PHP

Todays task and probably the next couple of days will be to upgrade the PHP installation to the latest level. I metioned previously that I was having problems with the Adobe Macromedia licensing so I […]

Move to Mac

I finally made the jump to the Apple Mac! Not that I was needing to move for any other reason than I decided to have a look at what all the fuss was about. I […]

Virtual Storage on System i5

I have been looking into the possibilities available to users of the new Virtual Storage options for the System i5. Virtual Tape was recently announced in Version 5 Release 4 but Virtual Optical has been […]

Why you should look at JobQGenie

OK so this is my sales bit! I have been trying to get people to at least look at a product I developed. The problem seems to be the lack of understanding about the product […]