Press Release – AAG/NG4i V2.R1

Issued: Immediate release, Toronto, Ontario

Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd is excited to announce Version 2 Release 1 of their AAG/NG4i solution. AAG/NG4i – Nagios Monitoring for IBM i, was initially announced in May 2023.

New Features include:

  • HMC monitoring
  • New check commands
  • Automated configuration
  • Secure connectivity
  • Email & Pushover Alerts
  • PTF Management
  • Additional language support
  • Seamless integration with new Nagios XI wizards

The number of checks AAG provides has been increased from 70 to around 180 providing users more granular monitoring capabilities. The Power HMC was added as a target with the latest release.

Improved Nagios XI wizards offer a seamless integration with existing Nagios XI infrastructure monitors and remove the complexity when configuring new systems.

An open source Nagios stack complete with management scripts and interfaces that are popular with the smaller IBM i customer and run on a RPi or Linux VM can be provided at the latest release.

AAG/NG4i by provides commands and menu options to check for the latest PTF Groups and Security Bulletins and download the required fixes directly to an image catalog. This is a significant benefit removing hours of effort to identify, download and install the required PTFs. The checks provided with AAG/NG4i ensure you do not miss an important fix which could expose your IBM i to bad actor.

Version 2 release 1 adds support for additional language installs which allows the product to be installed on IBM i systems that do not have the 2924 language feature installed.

AAG/NG4i will continue to grow and provide more new features as we find customers that need them, AAG/NG4i is the premier solution on the market today for IBM i and Power HMC monitoring.

Says Chris Hird, Director of Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd, “We are constantly seeking to improve both the performance and the ease-of-use, new check commands that are application specific are already being looked at plus ways of providing new insights into the IBM i environment using the data collected by NG4i will evolve as we move forward.

If you have not seen our products and would like to have a demo, let us know using the links provided on the website. We think you will be amazed at just how easy it is to implement and set-up AAG/NG4i or any one of our other products.”

Shield Advanced Solutions Ltd., established in 1997, provides availability and monitoring solutions for IBM i (and its predecessors AS/400 iSeries, i5 and Systemi). Shield is known for their top-quality service support, and less complex enterprise-level solutions at SMB prices.

System requirements: OS: IBM i 7.1 or later / Nagios Server (Linux based)

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